12 V AC transformer power supply not included - White ivory finish


<ul><li>The single electronic wall-mounted concealed washbasin tap activates water flow by detecting the user's hands under the tap and stops automatically when the hands are removed.</li></ul>

<ul><li>1 to 5 bars</li></ul>

<ul><li>3 l/min using a built-in flow limiter
- High quality anti-limescale aerator
- Anti water-hammer effect system</li></ul>

<ul><li>Male G 1/2" (15x21) cold, hot or pre-mixed water</li></ul>

<ul><li>230 V AC / 12 V AC transformer not included
- See ref.90464 / 90711 / 90610 / 90685 / 90704 / 90686</li></ul>

<ul><li>Injected moulded metal cover with white ivory epoxy surface treatment
- Standard brass spout with white ivory epoxy surface treatment</li></ul>

<ul><li>Withstands thermal shocks of 75°C for 30 minutes as part of a thermal shock programme</li></ul>

<ul><li>Automatic solenoid shut-off if the water flows > 30 seconds or if the sensor is deteriorated
- Automatic 30 second duty flush 24 hours after the last use</li></ul>

<ul><li>1 Concealed box
- Assembly key
- Fixture anchors and screws
- 1 stop valve with built-in filter
- 1 Self-adhesive sticker and 1 reflector for programming</li></ul>

<ul><li>Short spout ref. 90705</li></ul>

<ul><li>Nickel-chrome surface treatment compliant with NF EN12540
- Neutral salt spray (NSS) resistant: 200 hours according to NF ISO 9227
- Brass body and components compliant with NF EN1982 / NF EN12164 / NF EN12165</li></ul>

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PRESTO brand self adaptive mono-block wall-mounted concealed electronic tap ref. 55200 for 230/12 volt power supply. A reflector is used to modify the programmes and adapt the timer, stop the flow to clean the basin or trigger a 30 minute rinse against legionellosis. For pre-mixed or cold water. RAL 9001 epoxy finish with standard spout. CE Approved. ISO 9001 certified company.

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